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Here at Alpha Lamspecs we strive for a quality finish for your prints.


Film lamination is designed to enhance printed material as well as make it more durable. We can laminate most printed products with either thermal or cold films. We can also mount most prints onto other substrates like fibre board, core flute or MDF. 

Thermal Laminaton
Book covers being laminated
Thermal Lamination 

We offer a wide selection of lamination using either hot or cold film, and a range of different films for single or double sided lamination on offset and digitally printed work.

Custom Wine Box Packaging
Litho Laminated Cartons & Displays

Litho lamination is a simple and cost effective method of creating custom corrugated packaging with a high-quality finish that cannot as yet be achieved by current flexo packaging. Our boxes are beautiful and impress the customer.

Carton Packaging
Wine Box Packaging
Carton Packaging

With a wide range of boxes in our off-the-shelf line, or designing a fully bespoke box, we can provide the packaging and finish for anything you desire.

Die Cutting
Custom Die Cut Coasters
Die Cutting

For custom cuts, tags, magnets, and packaging, we offer a selection of options guaranteed to be suitable for your needs.

Magnets & Coasers
Custom Magnets
Magnets & Coasters

With magnets that differ from the rest, we offer 100% synthetic polyester magnets. A cheaper alternative for cost effective advertising and a way to save you money.

Print & Picture Mounting
Photos mounted on card
Print & Picture Mounting

We specialise in mounting photos, posters, certificated etc. on to foam board, core flute, board & wooden mounts. These products are perfect for your next display piece.

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